Window Tinting

Window tinting is one of the most effective ways of protecting your vehicle from the harsh Californian sun. It has never been easier to obtain a hassle free quote for your car, truck or any other vehicle that can come across your mind than with Modesto’s trusted Modesto Car Toys Inc. All the materials and products that our employees use carry a solid warranty against everything including color change and come really affordable rates (in fact we even guarantee the lowest prices). With Modesto Car Toys Inc you will never be let down by an inferior materials or service. Get a window tinting service that will be done once and done with quality materials that are second to none. Give us a call and put your mind at ease!

Advantages of Window Tinting:

  • Heat reduction.Tinted Windshield.
  • Fade protection.
  • Glare reduction.
  • Added privacy.
  • Sleek appearance.
  • Decrease in air conditioning cost.

Whether you’re interested in window tinting to make your vehicle look more appealing or want window film to keep the temperature down through the harsh summer, Modesto Car Toys Inc is your source for complete tinting services. We provide installation and sales on a wide range of tint colors and shades, all designed to help you get the desired look you always dream for. And with our skilled installers and high-quality materials, your windshields will look fabulous and stay that way for many years to come! Call today at (209) 523-8887 to learn how Modesto Car Toys Inc can helps you customize your vehicle with brand new window tinting!