Everything you Need to Know About Tinting The Windows of Your Car

Window tinting Benefits and Advice

Privacy is important not only inside the house you live in, but also inside the car you are driving. If you bought your car with transparent windows and want to have it tinted, there are two ways to do it – DIY window tinting or by bringing it to an auto repair shop in Modesto CA. Either way, there are several aspects to take into consideration when planning to tint your vehicle’s windows. Below are the what, why, and how of this subject matter.

Types of Car Tint

affordable window tinting Contrary to what most people think, window tint does not only come in two forms (dark or shiny). There is actually a huge deal of variation in fabrication, style, and dependability between different forms. There are two primary classes of tint, namely filter and reflective. Below the filter class exists another subset, which are the dyed tint and deposited film. These two are used to lower or change the amount of shade of light passing through the vehicle. The reflective class of tinted windows help in bouncing off sun rays to minimize heat hence making the interior environment much cooler and comfortable.

Dyed films are used on the interior portion of the window and are featured in a range of shades including blue, black, red, and gray. On the other hand, 2ND generation polarized films are dramatically metallic and complex to view from the outside, yet yields a clearer view from the cabin side. Nano-carbon tinted windows are soft and may only be seen from limited angles.

Why Do You Need To Tint Your Car Windows? – Modesto Car Toys Inc Gives You 7 Reasons

1) Tinting your car window can lower the vehicle’s cabin temperature by up to 60%. This can make a huge different during peak summer seasons.

2) Window tinting also benefits the air conditioning system of the car as it does not need to work hard to balance the temperature inside.

3) Tinted windows, as said earlier, also offers better privacy from bystanders and fellow motorists since it blocks the cabin view of the vehicle.

4) Tinting a window is also a more economical way of increasing value and improving the design of a vehicle.

5) According to studies, tinted windows are also able to block up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays that motorists are exposed to each time they are on the road.

6) It adds safety towards driving as the dangerous glares typically related with the sun or car headlights are reduced.

7) The cabin’s carpet, leather seats, and other fabrics are safeguarded against fading or corroding from the sun’s rays.

How to Tint a Car

Window tinting by yourself, involves gathering the right tools and equipment. These include tinting film, razors, blow dryer, small sponges, bone tool, dishwasher soap diluted in water, and an X-acto knife. If you do not have these tools, nor any idea on how to use them, hire our professional company to do it for you!