Why you need a car alarm?

Statistics show that over a million vehicles will be stolen this year. In order for you to protect your car or the valuables inside, a car alarm is the solution. But before rushing into any auto parts store and purchasing one, consider the following tips for choosing the most reliable car alarm.

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PArts for autoThe first thing to consider is whether or not you live in an area that will require an alarm. Also, do you have anything in your car that can get it broken into for? The most common reason that a car gets broken is for its stereo. If your car is equipped with a stereo, that does not have a detachable face, then you may want to check your local auto parts store for a car alarm. In case you don’t have a stereo or you’re looking into purchasing one, make sure it has a detachable face. This way, every time you leave the car, you will be able to hide the face of the stereo in the glove box or even take it with you, reducing the risk of having your car burgled.

You need to do research when it comes to car alarms. First make sure you know what features your car has, in order to get the right alarm. Not all cars can be equipped with an alarm. For example if your car does not have power locks, then there are some alarms that won’t fit. A rule of thumb is to go with the car to a reliable auto parts store so they can examine it and recommend to you the proper car alarm that best fits your car.

Car that need alarmThis is what you need to look for:

  •  motion sensors. Will allow you to leave the top down or the window open. The alarm will sound if someone invades your space;
  •  glass-break sensors. The alarm will go on when it hears a window breaking. This will protect you from thieves who believe they can bypass your alarm by not opening the door.
  •  driver’s side priority. This is a feature that will open the driver’s door without unlocking the others.
  •  remote outputs. They will allow you to expand the alarm’s capabilities by adding features such as a starter or window control.

Protecting your family and yourself as well as your vehicle are great reasons to invest in a car security system. In addition, most insurance companies offer lower rates for vehicles equipped with a car alarm.

If you’re still unsure about what type of security system is best suited for your vehicle, then a company like Modesto Car Toys Inc. can gladly help you. It is the most reliable auto parts store in Modesto, CA servicing the area for over 10 years. Pay them a visit at 926 McHenry Ave or simply call (209) 523-8887 and get a free estimate for having a car alarm installed.