How to Avoid Early Signs of Car Damage and Malfunction

Top Advantages of a Regular Car Service

As a busy professional who greatly relies on your car as your way of daily transportation to your workplace, it would be so much of a hassle on your part to experience car breakdowns and malfunctions. A little knowledge about car repair definitely won’t help. If you don’t want to be left with a choice to use public transformation to go to your workplace, you might as well make sure that your car receives proper maintenance. Learn more about how to avoid dealing with costly car repairs. Here are the top advantages of a regular car service.


Get car problems resolved before they get worse

Routine maintenance on your car vehicle will only not ensure its proper functioning all the time but also keep your car in good shape. Be able to know what vehicle maintenance works you can do on your own and what should be left to a licensed car service.

Save more time and money

It would be too much of a hassle to call or find technicians who can help you with your vehicle works every time. But if you deal with a company that can serve you regularly with your specific car needs, then you never have to worry about anything. Dealing with a regular car service will help you avoid costly car restorations and repairs later on.


Guarantees high standard results

With professionals, you know your valued car is in good hands. Aside from their expertise in car works, they can also be reliable consultants when it comes to finding your needed car parts and equipment.

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How Much Will it Cost You to Own a Car

Statistics About the Rising Costs of Car Ownership That Our Auto Parts Store Have Found

Being a car owner nowadays is becoming a luxury as fuel and vehicle maintenance is becoming more and more expensive. The thing is that when you purchase a vehicle, you never think that the sale price is not what you are only going to pay. The total cost of vehicle ownership, in fact, involves several factors that turn your “asset” into a huge liability, even if you didn’t finance it.  Today, the blog of our auto parts store will be focused on providing you with information about how much owning a car will cost you each year.

auto parts storeAbout the annual cost of owning a car – Here is what car-related expenses you will need to take care of:

– license, registration and taxes

– vehicle insurance

– depreciation – around 15,000 miles annually

– fuel

– finance charge

– tires

– maintenance

The annual report prepared by AAA which monitors the drivers’ expenses every year shows that small medium and large sedans, as well as SUVs and minivans have increased their expenses with 2% only during the last 2 years. Here are the main reasons which lead to this:

– The average cost of fuel rose with a little bit less than 17% for regular grade fuel.

– There was a rise in the  price of oil used in production and transportation of tires, as well as the costs of natural rubber.

– Vehicle maintenance costs have risen, because of the increased prices of fluids like: coolant, brake, oil, transmission, as well as power steering fluids.

Although depreciation has decreased it cannot compensate for the other factors which have increased. Good news is that if you visit a reliable auto parts store in Modesto CA, like Modesto Car Toys Inc, for instance, you will not see big difference in the prices of replacement parts. Their rates are still reasonable enough for an average automobile owner to afford making replacements. Although this is a quite controversial matter it is still more affordable to get some car repairs done than buy a new leasing vehicle.

Everything you Need to Know About Tinting The Windows of Your Car

Window tinting Benefits and Advice

Privacy is important not only inside the house you live in, but also inside the car you are driving. If you bought your car with transparent windows and want to have it tinted, there are two ways to do it – DIY window tinting or by bringing it to an auto repair shop in Modesto CA. Either way, there are several aspects to take into consideration when planning to tint your vehicle’s windows. Below are the what, why, and how of this subject matter.

Types of Car Tint

affordable window tinting Contrary to what most people think, window tint does not only come in two forms (dark or shiny). There is actually a huge deal of variation in fabrication, style, and dependability between different forms. There are two primary classes of tint, namely filter and reflective. Below the filter class exists another subset, which are the dyed tint and deposited film. These two are used to lower or change the amount of shade of light passing through the vehicle. The reflective class of tinted windows help in bouncing off sun rays to minimize heat hence making the interior environment much cooler and comfortable.

Dyed films are used on the interior portion of the window and are featured in a range of shades including blue, black, red, and gray. On the other hand, 2ND generation polarized films are dramatically metallic and complex to view from the outside, yet yields a clearer view from the cabin side. Nano-carbon tinted windows are soft and may only be seen from limited angles.

Why Do You Need To Tint Your Car Windows? – Modesto Car Toys Inc Gives You 7 Reasons

1) Tinting your car window can lower the vehicle’s cabin temperature by up to 60%. This can make a huge different during peak summer seasons.

2) Window tinting also benefits the air conditioning system of the car as it does not need to work hard to balance the temperature inside.

3) Tinted windows, as said earlier, also offers better privacy from bystanders and fellow motorists since it blocks the cabin view of the vehicle.

4) Tinting a window is also a more economical way of increasing value and improving the design of a vehicle.

5) According to studies, tinted windows are also able to block up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays that motorists are exposed to each time they are on the road.

6) It adds safety towards driving as the dangerous glares typically related with the sun or car headlights are reduced.

7) The cabin’s carpet, leather seats, and other fabrics are safeguarded against fading or corroding from the sun’s rays.

How to Tint a Car

Window tinting by yourself, involves gathering the right tools and equipment. These include tinting film, razors, blow dryer, small sponges, bone tool, dishwasher soap diluted in water, and an X-acto knife. If you do not have these tools, nor any idea on how to use them, hire our professional company to do it for you!

How to buy a car stereo system?

Factory-installed car stereo systems offer good performance, but not good enough for some enthusiasts who want better audio, bigger speakers, more bass, not to mention Bluetooth, video, and navigation. Purchasing a new car stereo system usually means upgrading the factory-installed entertainment system or replacing it entirely. Whatever your needs may be, knowing a bit more about car stereo systems helps you make an informed decision when purchasing one from your local auto parts store.

First thing to do before buying a car stereo system is to list the features and components you want in your car. There are many things to choose from, and depending on your budget, you can purchase whatever you feel is gonna improve the look of your car’s interior or its sound quality. Here is a list of a few of the most common features that you may want to consider before checking an auto parts store.

  • speakers;

  • crossovers;

  • subwoofers;

  • amplifiers;

  • video screen;

  • CD or DVD receivers.

reliable auto parts Once you’ve decided what features your car’s new entertainment system must include, you have to determine whether to upgrade or replace the system. Most new vehicles come with car systems that can be easily upgraded with expansion components. You may be able to add almost any feature or component available on the market today, and all for a lower price. However, you have to ask the auto parts store representative if the components you’re about to purchase can be added to your actual car system.

Older cars are usually equipped with systems that don’t support upgrades. If this is your case, you have to consider replacing the entire stereo system with a newer and better one. Make sure the system you’re about to purchase comes with all the features you desire. If you’re going to replace your entertainment system completely, then it is a good idea to replace it with one that will last you at least a good couple of years.

Setting a budget for your car stereo system is also important. After you’ve determined the features you want, think about how much you are willing to spend on them. These days you can find hundreds of models, brands and types of stereos, and they all come with various prices. You have to make a compromise between your budget and the quality of the components you’re thinking to buy. As a rule of thumb, always ask the seller from the auto parts store for their opinion. They are doing this for a living so they should definitely know what to recommend.

Let’s say you bought a new car stereo system, now you have to install it. We highly recommend you choose a technician for the job. Some auto parts stores offer installation services along with car accessories. If you come across such a store, definitely let them install your system. An auto parts store that offers installation services is always a good choice as they will give you warranties for both labor and items.

Modesto Car Toys Inc is a reputable auto parts store in Modesto CA. If you’re in the market for car stereos, they are definitely the ones you should visit. Call (209) 523-8887 and find out more about their products. 

Why you need a car alarm?

Statistics show that over a million vehicles will be stolen this year. In order for you to protect your car or the valuables inside, a car alarm is the solution. But before rushing into any auto parts store and purchasing one, consider the following tips for choosing the most reliable car alarm.

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PArts for autoThe first thing to consider is whether or not you live in an area that will require an alarm. Also, do you have anything in your car that can get it broken into for? The most common reason that a car gets broken is for its stereo. If your car is equipped with a stereo, that does not have a detachable face, then you may want to check your local auto parts store for a car alarm. In case you don’t have a stereo or you’re looking into purchasing one, make sure it has a detachable face. This way, every time you leave the car, you will be able to hide the face of the stereo in the glove box or even take it with you, reducing the risk of having your car burgled.

You need to do research when it comes to car alarms. First make sure you know what features your car has, in order to get the right alarm. Not all cars can be equipped with an alarm. For example if your car does not have power locks, then there are some alarms that won’t fit. A rule of thumb is to go with the car to a reliable auto parts store so they can examine it and recommend to you the proper car alarm that best fits your car.

Car that need alarmThis is what you need to look for:

  •  motion sensors. Will allow you to leave the top down or the window open. The alarm will sound if someone invades your space;
  •  glass-break sensors. The alarm will go on when it hears a window breaking. This will protect you from thieves who believe they can bypass your alarm by not opening the door.
  •  driver’s side priority. This is a feature that will open the driver’s door without unlocking the others.
  •  remote outputs. They will allow you to expand the alarm’s capabilities by adding features such as a starter or window control.

Protecting your family and yourself as well as your vehicle are great reasons to invest in a car security system. In addition, most insurance companies offer lower rates for vehicles equipped with a car alarm.

If you’re still unsure about what type of security system is best suited for your vehicle, then a company like Modesto Car Toys Inc. can gladly help you. It is the most reliable auto parts store in Modesto, CA servicing the area for over 10 years. Pay them a visit at 926 McHenry Ave or simply call (209) 523-8887 and get a free estimate for having a car alarm installed.

Types and Functions of Car Accessories

Just like a person, your Modesto CA car needs accessories. There are several types of accessories and several functions which they serve.


Car accessories come in four basic types: interior, exterior, performance parts and items, which are more family than Car Accessoar car accessories. Interior accessories are the seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats, liners. Exterior accessories are things like rear-view mirrors Performance parts are the air filters, brakes, brake pads, fuel systems and other things that your car cannot do without. Oil and other fluids in your car are a part of the performance parts. The fourth category is items that are the family accessories, such as baby car seats, and toys that hang on the mirrors to entertain other motorists.


1. Some auto accessories are created for entertainment. If you are traveling by car, and the journey takes more than two hours, you may become tired and bored. There are accessories for you Modesto CA automobile that can make your travel pleasant. Car audios and auto theater systems allow you and your family to listen to your favorite music and watch movies when you are on the road. There is a great variety of such accessories available on the market; you can invest in the ones that fit your budget and your personal style.

2. A great number of auto accessories are intended to maintain the cleanliness of your automobile. These are, for example, seat covers and floor mats that keep the interior of your car free from dirt and debris. With their help, you car will remain clean and comfortable for a long period of time.

3. There are quite a lot of auto accessories, which have the important function of securing your safety. These are, for example, the LED lights, which can make it easy for you to drive in harsh weather conditions. Other such useful accessories for your Modesto CA vehicle are the car alarms.

Car tuning4. Some car accessories have an entirely aesthetic function – their purpose is to improve the overall look of your vehicle. Accessories such as spinners can make your car more appealing. We all want our cars to stand out from the rest and get noticed. We adorn out cars in a way similar to the way in which we adorn our bodies and homes.

5. There also are accessories that allow you to add a personal touch to your vehicle. You want your car to reflect your personality and achieve this with adding little details to the interior of your car.

In Modesto CA, the best car accessories can be found in our auto parts store – Modesto Car Toys Inc. We guarantee the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Whenever you want to spruce up your automobile with some new additions, come visit us at 926 McHenry Ave. We are waiting for you!