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Modesto Car Toys Inc is an auto parts store located in Modesto CA. We have been operating on the market of car audio, tinting, accessories and alarms for more than 10 years. Our professionals have an outstanding background and posses all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide you with the best service and customer care in the region. We supply only high quality products with a proven origin from world famous manufacturers. Our price ranges are unbeatable. Over the years, we have earned an unsurpassed reputation of a first-rate supplier of goods and services.

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What do you understand by the expression “perfect car”? We are aware that different customers have different visions and opinions of their dream automobile. That is why we have, we have an individual approach towards the needs and auto partsrequirements of each of our clients. Whether you have a sports or a city car, we are ready to equip it with all the needed parts and accessories and make it impressive. Our large team of distributors and technicians work diligently to provide you with the best quotes without compromising the standards for quality. Our prices are a promise that we will deliver only professional auto products and services. Every cent you pay us will be well worth it.

We, at, our auto parts store, are dedicated to delivering the entire range of products quickly and on budget. We want to shorten the time for your car repair; that is why we are always well-supplied with spare parts. Working with us will make your life safer and more secure. Our car alarms are the most valuable and reliable especially for commercial purposes. The car audio systems we offer are originals from the most famous manufacturers. For rally racing lovers we also deliver racing parts for all vehicle brands and models. All of our supplies and services are at reasonable price rates and are convenient for residential as well for business car owners. Should you purchase an item or have any queries, we will be more than happy to respond to your car tuning needs as soon as you contact us at (209) 523-8887 or send us an E-mail.