About us

Since 2002 Modesto Car Toys Inc offer boy`s toys in Modesto, CA. Our auto parts store is in Modesto.We are capable of handling a large variety of car issues. When you come to our shop you can rely to our trusted technicians to be on your side. Our team of professionals will take care of you car efficiently and in a timely manner. Everyone in our store team is caring, hardworking and with big experience.

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Some of our best offers:

Window Tint Your Entire Car or Truck – $89 (Legal Limit)

Install Pioneer CD-MP3 Player $79


Modesto Car Toys Inc is a great choice for your audio,alarms or other car accessories needs. You don’t want shop with little variety of car accessories. When you choose our auto parts store, you  will choose parts from the best best store. We will provide with the best care to you and your car. Hire us and leave yourself in the capable and proven hands of our skillful technicians with many years of experience in car accessories. We have the best variety of car alarms, auto audio and stereo accessories. We are proud not only with our newest car accessories but and with excellent customer care and the lowest prices you can find in Modesto, CA.